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Complete Beginner's Guide Realm Royale: Warrior guide - Tips, Abilities and Legendary Weapon

Complete Beginner's Guide Realm Royale: Warrior guide - Tips, Abilities and Legendary Weapon. How to play the Warrior in the new Paladins game 

Complete Beginner's Guide Realm Royale: Warrior guide

Our Realm Royale Warrior guide contains tips, tricks and strategy advice for the Legendary Weapon, Heroic Leap, Charge, Flask of Healing, Net Shot and Shielding Potion abilities.

Realm Royale is now out in Alpha testing, and one of the first characters you're likely to play with is the Warrior. This character packs a heap of survivability, works particularly well in squads, but can also dish out a surprising amount of damage if you choose to play it a little more aggressively.

In our guide to playing this character we've got a breakdown of all of the abilities that are available to the class, along with some tips on how to make the best use of each one. We'll be updating this article continuously as the beta plays out, so make sure you check back regularly for new updates.

We're in the process of adding guides to all of the Realm Royale classes and will list them right here when they're ready. In the meantime, make sure you check out our core Realm Royale guide as this contains all of our current coverage!

Warrior Passive Ability
Each archetype in Realm Royale has a passive ability which is applied in-game automatically. In the case of the Warrior, this means he gains five health every second.

Keep in mind that the Warrior's overall health pool stands at a fairly impressive 1,200 points, which means it's going to take a little while to make any significant gains from this passive. It's nice if you finish a fight without any potions in the bank, but otherwise it's not quite as powerful a perk as you might think at first glance.

Consider also that there are items in the game that can provide an equal - or even greater - benefit. The Epic chest armour piece will match this passive with its five points of self-healing per second, and the Legendary piece tops up fifteen.

Remember though that only the Warrior gains the benefit of this restoration from the very start of the match, those gear items can take a while to amass, and there are no guarantees that you'll even get your hands on one at any point in the match.

Warrior Heroic Leap Ability
The Warrior always begins each match in possession of the Heroic Leap ability, and he then has to scavenge the map for any others he wants to equip. As much as anyone can tell at this stage, upgraded abilities don't have adjusted strengths, rather their cooldowns are reduced so you can make use of them more frequently.

Heroic Leap provides you with forward and upward momentum that can prove surprisingly useful for closing distance on a target, or just traversing the map more easily. Although the vertical height doesn't match the Engineer's reach, the forward travel is very useful. You can combine this with your regular jump to reach elevated spots with ease.

If you're packing a melee weapon, then Heroic Leap is extremely handy for closing distance on an enemy and then giving them a solid thump. Just keep in mind that while you're travelling you're actually quite exposed and the enemy can clearly see your direction of travel and eventual landing spot. If they get out of the way, they can pick you off mid-flight rather easily.

Warrior Charge Ability
This ability causes you to dash forward, dealing damage to the enemies you hit.

While it's not explicitly outlined in the game, it's believed that the Charge ability dishes out around 400 damage to targets. Like Heroic Leap, this is particularly handy if you're packing something like a shotgun, as it lets you get into their range and then blast them fast.

In that sense it combines very well with your Legendary Weapon - more on that below - which benefits from close-range targeting. You can also combine it with Heroic Leap for some serious distance-closure that can really give you the upper hand in the duel of your choosing. You can also get back to your team quickly, or switch between buildings with minimum exposure to the dangers outside.

Warrior Flask of Healing Ability
This is a flask that heals allies when it's thrown.

The Flask of Healing is very useful for helping your squad out, but keep in mind that it's an area-of-effect flask that heals over time - the restoration effect is not instant.

This is pretty much an essential ability when playing in squads as it provides you and your friends with so much versatility. Use it to either live longer to finish a fight, or to give everyone a very welcome top-up at the end of an encounter.

Warrior Net Shot Ability
This throws a net which reduces your target's travelling speed by an unknown amount.

Although there are no hard numbers in-game at the moment, it's believed that this item does around 200 damage as well as slows the target. That slowing effect is very handy again if you're leaning to melee attacks or close-range guns.

Community sentiment has it that you're probably just better off using Charge though. You get more damage, you close distance just as handily and it does more damage overall. Let's see how this one pans out throughout the various beta periods ahead of us.

Warrior Shielding Potion Ability
This throws a potion that shields allies.

Again we have no numbers on this ability right now, which makes it quite hard to evaluate against the other options. The general community wisdom suggests that this is probably inferior to Flask of Healing in the current Realm Royale beta.

Warrior Legendary Weapon
The Warrior's Legendary weapon (which you can craft in the Forge) is the Throwing Axe. There's no reload to worry about, you can throw it infinitely and it deals a pretty impressive 800 points of damage with each blow you land. Expect to be able to let loose with one of these around once per second.

Something else to keep in mind is that there is a drop-off value to take into consideration. That means the further away your target is, the higher you'll have to place your aim in order to cleanly hit them. Practise makes perfect here, as you really need to get used to all aspects of its performance for yourself.

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