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Fortnite Battle Royale Miscellaneous tips

Fortnite Battle Royale Miscellaneous tips

Fortnite Battle Royale Miscellaneous tips

Miscellaneous tips

We found the following video incredibly helpful when starting out with the game. If you find it as useful as we did, make sure you give the video a thumbs up, and consider subscribing to the channel as well for more Fortnite Battle Royale updates.

We've also added some tried and tested community tips to this section of our guide as well. We'll continue adding to this section over time, so keep us bookmarked and check back for regular updates.

1. Be very wary of open doors

Open doors are usually a very bad omen, and there are two scenarios to be wary of in particular here. Either someone is inside and is busy looting the place, which means you need to be ready to take down a target, or it's already been looted clean and going inside is a waste of time.
Assume danger lies inside if you must go in. Even better, close the door behind you, as this means you'll be able to hear if anyone is trying to sneak up on you undetected! When you're both inside, you have the advantage as you can find a good spot to attack them from.
While you are exploring buildings and digging out loot, always - and we mean always - move cautiously and take the chance to peek around corners before entering a new room. The best way to learn this is to experience a few reckless deaths - eventually you'll learn to take things more carefully!

2. Crouch whenever possible

Always crouch unless you absolutely have to run. You have less recoil on your weapons and you make less noise while you're in this stance. You are a little bit smaller when crouching too, so it increaes your chance of winning the gunfight in question. Move around in a crouch when you can.
3. Upgrade weapons into higher rarity versions
When presented with multiple weapon options, take the highest rarity. The highest rarity version of that weapon does more damage and has less recoil.

4. Traps can provide very easy kills

Use traps in high traffic areas. Entrnces to a house, back entrances, or anywhere players are likely to rush in to take something from a particular area are great targets. Even if it doesn't kill them they will take plenty of damage which makes it easier to finish them off.

5. Choose your fights carefully

Never engage in a gunfight unless you absolutely have to or are confident you'll kill them fast. Don't shoot from a distance unless you're sure you can kill them quickly, as if you miss or lack the firepower to eliminate them quickly, you'll simply alert them to your presence - not to mention anyone else who might be lurking around nearby.

6. Stick together when you're playing with friends

If you're playing in a squad with friends, make sure you stick together at all times, and don't get drawn off into solo fights. If you get taken out by someone else, one of your allies can assist in getting you healed back up, but only if they're actually nearby. Getting buildings cleared asap is vital as well, and a team of friends can clean a house out of loot much more quickly than a single player can.

7. If you can play using headphones, then do so.

If you've got a decent set of headphones lying around the place, plug 'em in and make good use out of them. Early awareness of enemy player activity can provide such a huge advantage that being able to gain that first advantage can often determine the outcome of a fight before a single shot's been fired. Even using cheap cans can give you an advantage, and certainly don't play with music blaring in the background!

8. Don't wait to use a Shield Potion

We've mentioned this elsewhere in our guide, but Shield Potions really are quite stupendously overpowered in this game. As soon as you get one, chug it as you'll receive a 50% buff for the remainder of the match. Just keep in mind that these will not protect you from any falling damage you take, so don't get too cocky. You can apply up to two of these potions - assuming you're lucky enough to bag a pair, that is.

9. A good defense is a good offense

Because this is a last-man standing affair, you don't necessarily have to worry about how many people you take down. The only target that matters is the last one standing between you and victory. Focus on your own survival first and foremost and let the rest of the pack fight amongst themselves. Why should you put yourself at risk when someone else can get the job done?

10. Surviving the end-game

So you've made it down to the final few and have built a structure in the final zone. Good for you. Just remember that all types of cover are destructible by one means or another, and in this final stage it is absolutely vital that you have a Plan B (hell, and a Plan C) at every moment. Always know where you're going to head to if it all goes south, and how you're going to use alternative environmental scenery to aid your survival and - eventually - your victory!

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