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Fortnite Choosing your starting location

Fortnite Choosing your starting location

Fortnite Choosing your starting location

When it comes to choosing your starting location, there are a few things that you really need to consider, and they're touched on really neatly in the opening section of this video.

In very simple terms, if you land in a heavily populated area of a city, then you might have more opportunities to grab loot and weapons, but you also have a much higher chance of dying if one of your opponents gets a better weapon first.

Instead, you might consider dropping into a much quieter part of the map. This is still dangerous - and you'll have further to travel on foot with less looting opportunities along the way - but you do get more of an opportunity to set up your strategy in relative peace.

Regardless of the patch you choose, keep one ear out for the twinkling noises that are made by special Loot Chests. If you hear one, seek them out as you'll likely get some high quality gear from it.
Note that the rarity of the items contained in these chests (see below) is not affected by location. You're just as likely to get a top-tier weapon from one of these chests out in the sticks as you are from a more densely populated area.

The video we've linked above also goes into solid detail about the weapon rarities that you'll discover in the game.

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