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Fortnite - Fastest route to visit centre of Named Locations

Fortnite - Fastest route to visit centre of Named Locations

You'll see glowing white banners in the centre of every named location on this list, simply wander over to them and they'll count towards your challenge completion.

1. Start at Junk Junction and touch down in the centre.
2. Run over to the centre of Haunted Hills.
3. Run over to Snobby Shores.
4. Finally run to Greasy Grove.

It’s important that you try and ignore all resistance. Tunnel vision on getting this challenge done as fast as possible! Once you’ve ticked it off, it’s important that you don’t quit out of the game early, but play it out. If that means getting eliminated early, go for it, at least you won’t have to worry about getting this challenge done again.

Do be warned that players will be heading to Junk Junction for the Battle Star this week, but if you ignore them and sprint away as quickly as possible you should be fine. As long as you have one match where you can pull away from the opposition and emerge unscathed, this challenge should be in the bag.

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