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Fortnite - Haunted Hills treasure map location explained

Fortnite - Haunted Hills treasure map location explained

At the start of the video you’ll see the Haunted Hills treasure map pop up on screen. You’ll immediately notice that it’s Junk Junction and the red cross is pointing towards a cluster of cars to the North.

You’ll want to start floating towards Junk Junction when you leap from the Battle Bus and drift towards the North part of this location on the minimap. Keep an eye out for a column of three cars just to the left of what looks like a stack of yellow shelves. For another point of reference, the Battle Stars are essentially on the “N” in “Junction” if you’re using the minimap.

Land on these cars, run to the center and the golden Battle Stars will suddenly appear in front of you. Make sure you interact with them to complete the challenge!

The UI should inform you that you’ve ticked it off.

If you’re struggling to find this location, bring up SensationLIVE’s video on another screen while you’re in-game as it’ll really help you out.

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It’s also worth quickly mentioning that this location will be beyond busy over the next couple of days, so it might be worth waiting it out before taking on this challenge. Of course, you can also dedicate a match to collecting the Battle Stars and embracing the likelihood of death. That works too.

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