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Realm Royale: Best class tier list

Realm Royale: Best class tier list. All five classes in the game ranked from best to worst. Our Realm Royale best class tier list ranks all five classes from best to worst and includes advice on picking the class that matches your playstyle.
Realm Royale: Best class tier list
Much of the process of choosing the best class in Realm Royale comes down to assessing your own personal playstyle. While some classes are proving particular strong in this current stage of the Alpha, there's no guarantee that this won't change with the inevitable tweaks that will take place in the coming weeks and months.

Choosing the best class also comes down to complimenting the other people you're playing with in Duo or Squads and so it's important to know what your role is within any given match. Communicate with your teammates, find out what their strengths are and see where you can synergise with one another to best effect.

With that said, there are some classes that are considered to be just a little better than the others right now, and so we're going to kick things off with with a breakdown of who's top-dog right now. There are only five classes in the game at present, but based purely on numbers and obvious performance advantage, this is how the community currently stacks the classes up against one another.

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The Best Class in Realm Royale

From best to worst at the time of publishing:

1. Hunter
2. Assassin
3. Warrior -
4. Engineer
5. Mage

This is of course subject to a huge amount of change as the Alpha and Beta periods of development play out, but use that as a rough idea of the game's class power levels if you're just looking to jump in and get started. The more you play the game, the better you'll get at the class that most suits your playstyle - regardless of how we or anyone else chooses to rank them.

Lets turn our attention now to the playstyles that each class in Realm Royale offers. This as much as anything else should influence which of them is the best for you, and that you should focus your attention on mastering.

Realm Royale Assassins class

If your idea of a good time in a Battle Royale game involves hiding in the shadows and eliminating opponents from far, far away then choose the Assassin. It's the closest thing the game has to a sniper character and will suit those of you who favour assessing and executing each engagement on your own terms.

Realm Royale Engineers

Fancy chucking turrets and shields around the place to make a right old nuisance of yourself? The Engineer is calling to you in that case, and you also have access to an amazing mobility ability that launches you high into the air. This makes you very difficult to deal with, while also providing you with an amazing vertical advantage over the competition.

Realm Royale Hunters

Hunter's are a little bit trickier to play and so although they're very powerful it probably wouldn't be the first port of call for the true newcomer. You need to juggle stealth and mobility with this character, but if you're nimble on the keyboard then you should settle into this class pretty quickly.

Realm Royale Mages

The Mage is capable of conjuring up defensive walls and also becoming invincible for a brief period of time (3 seconds). That may be just enough to help you fling out a fireball or two without interruption, and finish off an encounter nice and quickly.

Realm Royale Warriors

If you like nothing more than to soak up damage for your team and help keep them alive, then the Warrior may well be the class you're looking for. Although a strong defensive choice, the Warrior can also play extremely aggressively, with mobility options that help you get up close and personal in a flash.

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