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Realm Royale Engineer Tips

Realm Royale Engineer Tips

Realm Royale Engineer Tips

Engineer Tips

Here are a selection of Engineer tips that have been uncovered by the community since Realm Royale went into Alpha. We'll expand on this section over time and as we gain more experience with the game ourselves.

- As a general rule of thumb you should find that you have a pretty decent chance of success when going up against Engineers, Mages and Warriors. Make good use of your abilities and you should be able to come out on top. Be a little cagier when it comes to engaging Assassins and other Hunters though - at least in the solo queue where you don't have secondary support from a friend or two.

- Warriors like to get up close and personal, but Barricade and Deploy Turret should cause them a lot of problems. Height is also your advantage here, as the Warrior simply can't keep up with your vertical mobility - it effectively negates the exceptional ground-based mobility they themselves possess.

- Keep moving and get your Barricade out earlier to deal with Mages, although do keep in mind that they can pop their Ice Block to get a fair bit of health restored. Never assume the fight's over here until they're nothing but a pile of feathers. Again, your vertical advantage should be exploited whenever possible in this match-up.

- Against other Engineers, use your Barricade to block their Legendary Weapon grenades (see below). In general the player who makes the most efficient use of their cooldowns in this mirror match-up will likely come out on top.

- Watch out for Hunters as they can evade and flank around your shield, before getting all up in your face with rapid damage. Deploy Turret will help you out a huge amount in this match-up, so get up into close-range, drop the turret and dish out as much damage as you can as quickly as possible. Use your height advantage too.

- Don't give Assassins any more favourable (to them) range than you have to. Barricade and Deploy Turret are again your friends here, and keep looking for a height advantage from which you can rain down your grenades.

- While most other classes in the game can't make use of their weapons while their mobility boost is activated, the Engineer most certainly can (and in fact it's a crucial part of what makes the Legendary Weapon so powerful).

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