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Realm Royale Hunter Tips

Realm Royale Hunter Tips

Here’s a handful of tips that’ll help you get up and running with the Hunter. We’ll be throwing in some additional tips as the game continues to evolve and we get some more time with the game ourselves.

  • Withdraw is a great way of repositioning if you’re in a tight spot. Couple it with Dodge Roll and you can put some serious distance between you and an enemy.
  • Leave your mines by doorways and hotspots like the Forge to catch enemies off guard.
  • The Flare is a brilliant tool for making sure that buildings are safe to enter, as it’ll reveal any hidden enemies camping away.
  • As a Hunter you absolutely must get hold of the Longbow as quickly as possible, as it’s the best all-round weapon in the game. Pair it with the Shotgun for even more effectiveness. Imagine landing a bow shot, Dodge Rolling towards your opponent and then finishing them off with a Shotgun blast - perfection.
  • If you’re being aggressed by a Warrior or Assassin, use your abilities to get away from them as they’ll generally have the advantage in close-quarters combat. Use your Dodge Roll and Withdraw to reposition, and don’t be afraid to rattle off shots while you’re evading too.

Hunter Legendary Weapon - Longbow

The Hunter’s Legendary Weapon is the Longbow and not only is it incredibly powerful, it’s also extremely versatile.

It’s all thanks to the fact that you can choose whether to charge up each shot or fire quickly. Tap the trigger to deal 200 damage rapidly, or draw the bow back fully, release it, and then watch as it deals 1000 to targets out in the distance.

This versatility makes it a decent weapon at both close and long range, although you’ll want to be taking on targets from a distance primarily, as this is where the strength of your abilities tends to lie too.

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