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Realm Royale Mage guide: Mage Abilities

Realm Royale Mage guide: Mage Abilities

Realm Royale Mage guide: Mage Abilities

Mage Abilities

Passive Ability
The Mage's Passive Ability provides an extra 30% potion effectiveness at all times. You don't need to activate anything to gain this effect, just enjoy a better effect whenever you quaff a potion.
Health and Armour potions all restore 400 base points of their respective attribute when activated, which means that Mage's will actually get to enjoy 520 points instead.

Mage Ability #1 Soar
Soar is the Mage's mobility ability, and it allows the class to reach some seriously sneaky places. Use it to give yourself a favourable position on the battlefield, where you can get a better shot at the enemy while they struggle to return fire.

Mage Ability #2 Explosive Flask
This explosive potion will cause enemy players caught in its area of effect to be slowed. This leaves them particularly prone to your offensive Fireballs, perhaps followed up with a powerful shot or two from your primary weapon.

Mage Abiltiy #3 Fireball
You couldn't call yourself a Mage without a Fireball to chuck around the place! Note that once the Fireball has hit one player it will actually pass through them and continue to damage enemy targets behind them. The better the upgrade you can get, the more damage this ability will do.

Mage Abiltiy #4 Ice Block
Ice Block is the Mage's core defensive ability and once activated you'll be encased in a block of ice that grants you immunity to all damage for three seconds. Not only that but you'll also gain a self-heal effect which should leave you better equipped to cope with the situation when Ice Block breaks. Remember that you can actually break this early yourself by tapping the ability button once again.

Mage Abiltiy #5 Wall
This ability throws a wall out into the battlefield which you can use either as a defensive mechanism, or as a means of cutting off enemy targets from their teammates, so you can whittle down the opposition piece by piece.

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