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Realm Royale Mage guide: Mage Builds

Realm Royale Mage guide: Mage Builds

Mage Builds

There are two schools of thought from the community when it comes to the Mage build you want to work towards in Realm Royale. The first plays things a little bit safer, while the second will work well for those of you who want to go full aggro!

Ice Block / Fireball: If you want to be able to dish out plenty of damage while also having some emergency immunity/self-heal, this is the build you want to go for. Just keep in mind that when Ice Block wears off you're going to be a prime target for the enemy, unless your other teammates can keep them distracted and under pressure.

Aggro Build
Fireball / Explosive Flask: Combine these abilities together and you'll be able to slow the opponents down using the flask before letting rip with Fireball. As long as they're slowed, you're also capable of safely dishing out some damage using your primary weapon.

Not so much of a build as a gameplay suggestion, but some players are finding huge success by packing a shottie as a Mage. The idea is that you whittle the opponent down from afar with your Fireball, then finish them fast with a shotgun to the face.

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