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Realm Royale Mage guide: Mage Tips

Realm Royale Mage guide: Mage Tips

Mage Tips

Here's a handful of tips to getting more out of the Mage playstyle. It's very early days for the game and so you should expect this section to be expanded upon a great deal over time!

- All classes have at least some kind of movement enhancing ability - provided by default when you start each match - and the Mage's Soar ability is great for escaping or setting up position for an offensive assault. Be aware of your environment at all times, and think about how you can use Soar to frustrate the enemy player and gain an extra advantage for yourself. Only practise will teach you the limitations of this move, so get out there and keep trying!

- When you first arrive on the map your priority is to get a weapon you're comfortable with, but more than any other class the Mage depends on its abilities to survive. Grab every upgrade that you can in order to reduce your cooldowns and increase your damage potential. The longer matches go on, the more quickly you need to be able to obliterate your opponent.

- As good a defensive item as Ice Block is, it's important to remember that when it breaks you're going to be very vulnerable to the other team's attention. Unless they're very good at ticking off a mental timer though, you have the advantage in knowing exactly when it's going to pop. When it does, move quickly - perhaps using Soar - in an unlikely direction to throw them off the scent. Don't forget that you can break Ice Block early by pressing the button once again - this can be great for confusing the enemy.

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